Destination Weddings in Key West, FL

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Intimate Key West Weddings on the Beach and Boats.



Thkey west weddingseir was a time when a destination wedding was called "eloping". It usually meant the couple ran away and no one knew they were married until they returned. Of course, many couples still elope but times have changed. Now, a destination wedding can be a grand affair with all your friends and family invited or just the two of you. Almost every couple who decides to have a destination wedding say they "want to do something different". Below are a few of the other reasons.

  • The Honeymoon: Not only do you have the joy of your marriage but you also have the fun of a great vacation.
  • Cost: Although not always the case, destination weddings can be less costly.
  • Exotic places: You've always dreamed of a beach wedding but...there's no beach back home.
  • Family-moons: What better way to include your children then with a family vacation and wedding (familymoon)?
  • Stress: With today's busy lifestyles, many couples don't have the time to handle the demands of a large wedding.
  • Intimacy: A secluded beach ceremony can be more appealing than a large affair.
  • Family pressure: Many couples find themselves planning a wedding that just isn't their style but is pleasing to their family (think "Runaway Bride").
  • Prior marriage: You've alreay done the traditional. This time it's just about the two of you.