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Hi! We got the pictures, & we love them! They are so beautiful!!! Our trip could not have been better overall. Everybody in our group loved their dinner at the Commodore. It was the best seafood I have ever had. Everything just turned out perfect. Thanks for everything! - Sandi

Good Morning Colleen,
We got the CD! I am absolutely thrilled with our pictures! Please tell Gary that he did a beautiful job.
Thank you both for making our wedding as perfect as we had planned it. We couldn’t have asked for more…We will be looking you up next year when we celebrate our 1st anniversary in Key West!
Thanks Again, - Lynnette

Omg the roof top was great everyone was sooo nice! Thanks for that and we got the cd today looooove the pics! I couldn't be happier with them! U guys rock!

Thank you! I can't even say how easy and enjoyable you made this for us. This point in our lives we have so much to deal with (restoration of a 110 year old house, selling my home, my moving 200 miles, getting a new job and the wedding) that this was the least stressful of everything! - Michelle

We just wanted to thank you very much for such a great wedding and our wedding pictures. We are more than pleased with the pictures.
You two are a great team, very friendly and welcoming and made our wedding experience so fun and easy. Thank you again.
With love, Johnna and Steven

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