A Simple Wedding
Intimate Key West Weddings on the Beach and Boats.


Hello! We received the pictures today and they are fabulous. We cannot thank you enough for making our day absolutely perfect. We would highly recommend your services and the Commodore to anyone looking for a special way to celebrate their day. Thank again, Melissa

We had an awesome time in Key West! When I'm questioned about our wedding, I say it was everything I ever wanted and more! Thanks so much to you guys!
Dinner at the Commodore was exquisite! Everyone loved their food, no doubt the best selection! It just finished off our day! We can't wait to see our photos!! Our best to you also,
Rhonda and Paul

Dinner at the roof top café was great. Thank you so much for referring them I want to thank you and your husband for being so patient. The pictures came out beautiful! Iban and I are very happy with how smooth everything went. Best Regards - Hilda

Thank you so much for making our special day perfect! Yes we had an absolutely wonderful trip and I look forward to seeing the photos, thanks again! - Diane

Thank you so much! Everything was beautiful and we are so happy we renewed our vows with you in Key West.

We decided to elope to Key West for an intimate, casual wedding. We would have a celebration with friends and family later! It was a wonderful decision we would make again without hesitation. Colleen and Gary are there for your every need. They are both very warm and caring, and treat you like family. From the very beginning, Colleen is there to walk you through every step and answer all questions happily. All you need do is show up – no stress, no worries, no cares. You are able to focus on what is most important: your commitment to each other. Thanks to Colleen and Gary, you are able to do just that. The ceremony was beautiful and just what we wanted; very personal and intimate. My bouquet was stunning. The vows were beautiful. Colleen has a very gentle and flowing voice. Gary is wonderful at taking photos without you realizing he is there. After the ceremony, he takes gorgeous shots in creative poses and has that knack for helping even shy flowers like myself smile. The pictures turned out lovely, by the way! We cannot recommend Colleen and Gary enough. Who wants noisy, tacky Vegas when you can have a beautiful, romantic sunset wedding on the beach in Key West!? Thank you, Colleen and Gary!

For obvious reasons the rest of the cruise paled in comparision, but was great nonetheless. Thank you for being part of our special day. It was a pleasure to met both you and your husband, you both made it our day stress free. If I ever come across someone that is thinking of getting married in Key West, you will be my recomemdation. Thank you for a great day. - Aaron

A big thank you to you and Gary. Roof Top was great and so was the rest of our trip. We can't wait to go back.
Thank you again - Jen

Thank you so much for all the great pictures!! -
All the best, Mai-Britt & Martin

We thoroughly enjoyed the rest of our time in Key West, which makes it much more difficult to go back to work. Dinner at the Commodore was outstanding! Sara and I at seafood pretty much the whole trip. We can’t get it like that in MI....Thank you both so much! - Best regards, Marc

Thanks Colleen! We had a wonderful time! Again thank you so much for all your everything! It was beautiful and exactly what we wanted. -
Take Care, Jenna

Yay! I can't wait to get the pictures! A & B was wonderful! Great suggestion! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect honeymoon in Key West! I didn't want to leave! You and Gary were great...Thank you for everything!!! -

We had a great dinner. Thank you for everything. I would not have done it any other way. You two made everything so easy. Thanks again, Christine

e were absolutely thrilled with the beautiful wedding pictures, Family and friends back home are amazed on how well you captured our happiness and emotions on that day. You both made us feel so comfortable and it shows in the pictures. Our wedding couldn't have been any more perfect, beyond what we expected. What a wonderful surprise to get the pictures and CD before we left the hotel,
each and every picture is perfect. And Elena did an awesome job on my hair and make-up.
We both feel we left two friends in Key West, thank you for the great memories. - Laura and Michael

We absolutely loved Key West. Thank you so much for all your recommendations: Casa salon and the commodore. They were excellent.
The ceremony was beautiful and vey touching. Thank you again for making our day the best!!! - Connie

It was perfect! Thank you so much for taking such good care of us before and during the wedding ceremony. The folks at Hot Tin Roof were absolutely wonderful to Michael and I. It was the perfect setting for our celebratory dinner. Your website was so helpful in providing the information we needed to plan out our special day, and I appreciate your timeliness in responding to each of my emails. Lastly, Elena was terrific with styling my hair and applying makeup. If I could do it over again.... I would without changing anything. Okay... maybe a little less wind at the beach. :)

Thank you for making our wedding day truly special and by adding the personal touch. You are both two of the nicest people we have ever come across and wish you all the best in the future.
Look forward to hearing from you soon. - Natasha & Julian

Got the CD on Friday, the pictures turned out great!! Thank you for such a great wedding and special memories. - Steve

Shayne and I just wanted to say thank you again for everything. We got the CD in the mail today and absolutely LOVE the pictures. Gary did such a wonderful job. We really appreciate the extra pictures you sent and how you captured such a memorable event so perfectly. It was truly a perfect day for us and the both of you are to thank for that.
Take care, Laura Houle

I am so sorry for not letting you know sooner that we LOVE our pictures! Even though it was overcast they still turned out fantastic! Thank you Gary! All our family and friends love them too!
Thanks again for all you did for us and making our day so special! Amy & Rick

We feel in love with Key West! Didn’t want to leave. Thanks again for being a part of our special moment. Gary and you were awesome and a pleasure to work with. Thanks, Dawn

The dinner at the Commodore was phenomenal! Everyone had such a wonderful time!
The rest of the week was amazing we found it hard to leave paradise. A big Thank you to you and Gary for making our wedding all that we hoped it would be. You two made it so comfortable and easy even with the threat of the storm. We were so happy everything worked out. Take care! - Amy & Rick

Hello Colleen! Yes Fred and I had a blast and appreciated how much y'all enjoyed yalls job!! Y'all are truly amazing and we received our cd:) I referred you to some guy in CVS when he saw me printing out some pictures and have him yalls website. He was so excited about the price and quality of yalls work!! Thank y'all again sooo much!!

We had the best time you made it sooo easy Lyle loved visiting with your husband yall are an amazeing couple you can feel the love with yall i know i will have the same with Lyle thanks again if ever this way let us love to visit with ya

We are so happy with everything from the amazing pictures to the beautiful ceromny to even the perfect flowers. You were both s helpful and great. Thank you for making our day so special. Feel free to put our pictures on your website!!!!!!!!!!!

Colleen and Gary:
I just wanted to let you know we received the pictures and they are wonderful.
Thanks for making a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Thank you so much for making our special day so easy and relaxed. We received the disc and are very pleased with the pics. Thank you again, Gary and Marilyn

Thank you so much for a beautiful wedding ceremony. It was amazing and everyone was so impressed!

Our photos came today and I am speechless! They are amazing! Thank you for helping us remember the beautiful details of that beautiful day! -
All the best!

We just wanted to let you know that we just received the picture CD two days ago. The pictures look fantastic! They perfectly capture a perfect day! We are extremely happy, so thank you so much again! Also, we forgot to thank you for the recommendation for the Commodore restaurant. Katie's mahi mahi and my filet were our best meals from vacation! We had so much good food and such a great time that it is hard to pinpoint our favorites, but we definitely agree that the Commodore was a great choice! Again, thanks for everything! - Michael

We got the photos. In spite of the wind , they turned out pretty good. Our lunch at Latitudes was great. It was a wonderful place for our wedding lunch. The rest of our trip was very relaxing. We enjoyed ourselves and hated to leave. Thanks again for everything. You both did a great job and made it easy for us. It was a wonderful day. - Thanks, Betsy and Nevin

We had such a great time at Key West! We definitely miss it already. We had a wonderful time at the ceremony and we appreciate everything you did for us. You made it an incredible experience and very enjoyable! Thanks again! We also just received the copy of the signed wedding license, and we are excited that it is official! We are also very excited to see the CD. Thanks again for everything!

We were very impressed with the ceremony you performed for our wedding. Joe and I thought that you combined experienced professionalism with caring and personalization. You and Gary work very well together directing us to make the most impactful (and what we hope will be beautiful) shots. Your direction and guidance made the whole process go extremely smooth while making the most advantageous use of our short time. I must admit, I wasn't sure that one hour was going to get me the kind of shots I was hoping for, but the 18 years experience you both have was evident in the speed to get us in the right position for proper lighting. Thank you for making our wedding a beautiful experience. While we certainly hope to not need your services again, we will definitely recommend you for anyone who is considering a Key West wedding (or really, any destination wedding as we found our time on Key West to be extremely enjoyable). - Joe and Andrea

Colleen, We received the pictures and we love them. Thank you for everything. We had a great time and appreciate everything you and Gary did for us. Joe’s family is still talking about how beautiful the ceremony was and how personal you made it feel.Thanks!! - Tracy and Joe

The restaurant was great! We got the discs....they are awesome! Thanks so much for your help in making our wedding wonderful!!! Our reception is march 10 and we cant wait for everyone to see the pictures and video!!! Thanks again!

Dear Colleen and Gary,
Woooowwwww,...we got the discs yesterday in the mail. Beautiful, perfect, amazing.... :)))))
We are so pleased, that we won't be able to thank you enough!!! You made us so beautiful, I feel that we are not even the same people. NO words! Splendid job Gary with the DVD too, unbelievably great work!!!!!
Well, THANK YOU to both of you! - Reka & Gabor
P.S. at least we have Colleen with us forever ;)...(pictures)...and that will help us to think about the photographer. :) You are beautiful people, we are so happy we "put our wedding day in your hands"!! Thank you!

We had a wonderful time. The weather turned cold and windy on the day we left so perfect timing.
Dinner was very good, would go back again. Rec'd the CD and the pictures are beautiful. Gary did a wonderful job. Thanks so much for making our dreams come true. - Dawn & Lew Tirendi

Joe and I wanted to thank you both for such a wonderful wedding ceremony. We know you do this quite often, but you made us feel so special. Thank you again for your encouragement, your patience and making us feel like celebrities...lol...everything went so smooth and with no worries...cant wait to see the pictures...Thank you again, for making our day one we will always remember. - Joe and Pam

Thanks so much, Colleen, to both you and Gary! It was absolutely wonderful! The week and the wedding were everything we hoped it would be and more, and we can't wait to visit Key West again soon! - Tanya

Hi Colleen and gary,
We've just received our DVD and photos, thankyou so so much we love them! Such a great day, it was lovely to relive it again with the photos :) can't wait to show our families! Hope that you're both well and we're hoping to be back at the same time next year for a sunset sail . Take care - Bec & Matt

Colleen ...
I just wanted to let you know we received our photos. They are simply GORGEOUS!!!! thank you guys so much for making our special day just perfect!!! - Rachael and Scott

We had an amazing time in Key West. Our dinner was wonderful, the food was great and the atmosphere was perfect. You and Gray made are wedding as simple and smooth as we could have ever dreamed of. Thank You So Very Much - Scott

Hi Colleen & Gary,
Russ and I can't thank you enough for making our wedding day so very, very special. The ceremony you performed came right from the heart and it filled our hearts to an even higher level than I thought was possible. You and Gary performed magic for us on December 07, 2011. A day that will stay bright and clear in our minds and in our hearts. We've told everyone we know how you made our wedding day shine and we would recommend you to anyone considering getting married in Key West, or anywhere else for that matter.
We received the pictures today and we relived our wedding day! They were beautiful and your attention to detail was absolutely amazing. Again, a sincere "Thank You" from the both of us for a job way above "Well Done" and for your thoughtful wishes.
Kindest Regards, Russ & Shelley

Hi Colleen & Gary,
Russ and I can't thank you enough for making our wedding day so very, very special. The ceremony you performed came right from the heart and it filled our hearts to an even higher level than I thought was possible. You and Gary performed magic for us on December 07, 2011. A day that will stay bright and clear in our minds and in our hearts. We've told everyone we know how you made our wedding day shine and we would recommend you to anyone considering getting married in Key West, or anywhere else for that matter.
We received the pictures today and we relived our wedding day! They were beautiful and your attention to detail was absolutely amazing. Again, a sincere "Thank You" from the both of us for a job way above "Well Done" and for your thoughtful wishes.
Kindest Regards, - Russ & Shelley Mino

Thanks Colleen,
Our stay at Key West was the best vacation we have ever had, together it in the past.
We appreciate you expertise, professionalism, and friendly manner. Thank you so very much!!
Rick and Darlene,

Hi Colleen!
Our sincere appreciation to you for helping us not only "make the date", but make our day so amazing and special. The photos you took on my camera were *spectacular*, so I can't wait to see the CD with Gary's photos! It was an experience way beyond my expectations, just perfect in its simplicity...
Our heartfelt thanks to you and Gary. We got our marriage certificate from Miami today, so it is REALLY official. :) If given the opportunity, I will not hesitate to recommend you and A Simple Wedding Key West. It was simply perfect!
Thank you both again! - Alycia & Lawrence

Dear Colleen and Gary,
Zach & I would like to thank you for all you did to make our wedding day incredibly special. Your support made it so easy for us to feel relaxed in the days leading up to the ceremony, so we could enjoy our time in Key West with our families. We will be sure to recommend your wedding expertise to anyone that will listen - you even made the photo session bearable for my groom. We can't wait to see your professinal shots. Thank you again for taking such good care of us. We will enjoy great memories of our November 26th, 2011 wedding day for the rest of our lives.
Sincerely - Zach & Dawne

Hi Colleen,
We received the CD. Thank you for the beautiful pictures. My compliments to Gary. Thanks - Tanja

Hi Colleen,
We had a great time!! The Commodore was by far the best food we had in Key West. The pictures were awesome.. It really was a stress free wedding.. We would like to thank both you and Gary for everything you did to make our day special.. - Lisa and Keit

Hi Colleen,
Everything at the Commodore was AMAZING! Michael thinks it was the best meal we had while in Key West and I'd have to agree with him. They were so nice and accommodating...it was the perfect end to a perfect day. And thanks to you and Gary for all you did to make our wedding spectacular. It really felt like we were the only two people on the beach and that made our wedding all the more intimate. Gary's photographs are beyond what I could have hoped for and we've received so many compliments. More than one person has said they were the most beautiful beach wedding photos they've ever seen. - Thanks again! Renee

We had an amazing time in Key West. Thank you so much for all your help and a wonderful ceremony. You made it so easy for us. We got the photo CD today and the pictures are wonderful. You both did an amazing job. Maybe we will see you next year when we come back for our anniversary. Thank you again for making our wedding the wedding we both dreamed it would be. - Lisa & Wayne

All is perfect!! Hannah and I can't thank you enough! You and Gary were so much fun, Hannah and I even said we wish were down there more so we could hang out you two. Anyways we thank you very much and hope to renew our vows in the future with you. Thanks again -
Drew and Hannah

We recieved the disc with the photos. They are FANTASTIC!! Chris & I wanted to thank you & Gary for everything you did to make our wedding day special. You were both so wonderful to work with and we really appreciate you helping us make it happen despite the weather. So many people have commented on how beautiful the photos are with the rainbow in the background and I love the pics from before we sailed and the one with Chris standing by the mast and me in the background. That one is definitely getting framed :)

One of my coworkers wants to do something special for her 20th anniversary next year and I've promised to pass on your card to her. Thank you again, and when we visit Key West again, we'll touch base to say hello. Thanks - Wendy & Chris

Thanks, Colleen and Gary! We got the CD today, and it the pictures are sooooo beautiful. I can't believe how pretty I look! Something every bride wants to be able to say of her wedding pictures. The pics of the family and the kids are so fabulous. They will surely grace our walls and hearts for many years to come. Thanks again, for making our special day so easy and wonderful, and for making our memories last a lifetime with such beautiful photographs. - Susan and John

Well, yes, the pictures arrived. .,. They are absolutely wonderful! My wife and I love them,. they are exactly what we had in mind. Thank you for helping and all the great work you both have done,.,
Best of luck,

Dear Colleen,
We can't tell how wonderful it was working with you and your husband Gary. Even before we received the photos we were discussing how beautiful the ceremony was. You did a wonderful job and your words were sincere and heartfelt. Then we got the cd in the mail and have to admit we were blown away! Gary's pictures were fabulous! Each one elicited more "ooohh's" and "aaaahhh's" than the last! We briefly entertained the idea of John returning to the world of male modeling but then the nightmares came back...oh, the nightmares. All kidding aside, you made our wedding easy and simple and that's exactly what we wanted. In addition, your husband took great pictures which really captured what we were feeling. Everyone has remarked on how much "happiness" we exude in the pictures. Thank you for capturing that. And thank you for being so understanding when people showed up. You quickly made it a non-issue and we appreciate that. Lastly, we just wanted to say that we definitely see ourselves returning to Key West in the not-too-distant future and would love to contact you when we get there and touch base again. You both seem like wonderful people.
Gratefully and sincerely - John and RobinJo

Hey Colleen!
Everything was great. Our dinner was fantastic. We had fabulous service and great food. It was really a nice choice. Thank you for that! Got the pictures they are fantastic!! What a great experience we are so glad we did our wedding this way. Couldnt have asked for more. You guys do a great job. Thanks for everything! - Chad and Liz

Colleen, we had the best time in Key West. Dinner at Louies was fabulous. We had a beautiful view of the full moon-it was a very special night. We couldn't wait to get home to see the pictures on the internet. They are soo good. Everyone loves them! I will be looking for the CD. Thank you for everything. It was definately a stress free wedding. Melissa

Colleen & Gary,
We had a fantastic time in Key West. Our dinner at Pisces was amazing! We received our photo CD and are very happy! Getting married on the beach- just the two of us- was so relaxing and stress free! We had a great time. Thanks for everything. - Marissa and John

Dear Colleen and Gary,
We just received the photo's. We ware totally amazed by the beautifull pictures. Marc and I would like to thank you for making such beautifull pictures. Thank you so much. Marc will make a recommandation by his travel agency for your company Simple Key West Wedding! All the best to you both! Take care, Leonie and Marc

Hi Colleen,
We are looking forward to see the pictures. We had a really great and romantic wedding, everything was great. We enjoyed working with you and Gary. I really felt at ease during the wedding. We enjoyed our holiday in Florida very much hopefully we will be back soon :)) Thank you both for a great wedding!! All the best - Leonie

Thanks Colleen for everything. It was very beautiful. And we will never forget it . It was so nice to meet You and Gary. Thanks again Sylvia and Steve.

Hi Colleen,
Thanks for a wonderful day! The pictures look great! Take Care, Kristen

Thank you and Gary so much! We got the CD yesterday when we arrived home. The photos are great! We love just about every one of them! Dinner at the Commodore was fantastic~our best meal of the trip and honeymoon. After Key West we were in the Bahamas for 7 nights. Back to reality now!
Thanks again! - Kristina

We had a great time! Dinner was wonderful! Thank you so much for making our wedding such a memorable experience. - Stephanie

i Colleen,
Just arrived home and guess what was waiting on the doormat. The pictures are amazing and just showed them to Lisa's Parents who love them. Thanks so much for everything. Best Wishes - James & Lisa

Hi Colleen,
I just want you to know we got the picture CD and it's wonderful. Thank You Again!!!
Denise and Jeff

Yes our entire visit was wonderful! Now it's back to reality...........and that kinda sucks.
I can't wait to get the CD...........I'll be checking the mail everyday now.
Thank you again for all of your efforts and help in making our wedding day so special.
What you & Gary have together is awesome............treasure it always. Hope to see you again. -
Jennifer & Marty

Dear Colleen,
We loved the wedding-it was just what I wanted-relaxed and very meaningful-I still tear up when I read the vows! You were so heartfelt during the ceremony. The pictures we took were wonderful, I’m sure Gary’s shots will be great. Can’t wait to see them. I posted some pix on FB and people are calling me for your number-they were impressed! The food and atmosphere at The Commodore was wonderful. Thank you so much for a great experience - Denise and Larry

We received the photo CD today and we love the pictures!!!! They are so beautiful!! I keep looking at them. Thank you so much! - Love, Lisa and Dave

...Thanks for your help ----- the Dinner at Hot Tin Roof was fabulous the hole evening was perfect the atmosphere of the restaurant was wonderful and the food outstanding. They also bought us a champion toast on the house, which was a nice touch. Thanks again - Chuck

Our dinner at the Commodore was excellent! We ate a lot. Thanks so much, we had a good time at the wedding and it was exactly what we wanted. - Ginger

Hi Colleen!
Thanks so much! We are super excited that the pictures have been turned around so quickly! We are having family in town this weekend and can share them! We received our marriage license today too. So fast.
We want to thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts! You two are an amazing couple and we couldn't have had a better experience. You nailed down every detail from the flowers, making us dinner reservations, letting us know what to do every step of the way, getting the hair out of my eyes for pictures and so much more!
We absolutely loved the vows. Reading them ahead of time was great, but hearing them and saying them was even better! I am sure our pictures are going to be just as amazing! You and Gary were so much fun and spent good quality time with us. We are very grateful.
We are very fortunate to have you recommended to us and everyone in Key West knows you two! It's scary choosing someone over the internet to perform your wedding ceremony. You were recommended to us. Please feel free to use us for reference if you ever need it and we will surely pass the word.
The Island City House hotel was gorgeous! Great recommendation. It was quiet, close to the action but far enough away and the staff was so friendly. They even gave us the cutest Wedding Story book for keepsake. Dinner at The Commodore was also great! We stayed at The Casa Marina the second half of the week - beautiful! Thanks again, so very much, for making our experience so wonderful! - Renee and David

Hello Colleen and Gary!
I am so sorry it has taken me this long to write to you! We got back from our honeymoon 3 weeks ago, and I'm still playing catch-up! Tim and I wanted to thank you both so much for everything you did to make our May 1st wedding day special! We had a great day, and we couldn't have asked for a better beach wedding! Colleen, you are so sweet, and we really loved our simple wedding ceremony! It was perfect! Gary, WOW! The pictures you took of us are BEAUTIFUL!!! We love them all! You did a great job, even with the windy day! We are so happy with these pictures!! (and we think you did a wonderful job disguising the busy street that was 15 feet away from us! We can't even see the street in the pictures!). You both made our wedding day JUST PERFECT! and we will always remember both of you! We talk about our perfect wedding at least once a day!
We will call you in a few years for a vow renewal!!
Thanks again for everything! Andrea & Tim

Colleen & Gary,
We received the DVD's and they are great!!!! We wanted to thank both of you for a wonderful wedding on Smathers Beach, beautiful pictures and video. It could not have gone any better. The flowers were beautiul, the cake was delicious and the Ferry ride to Latitudes was wonderful. We are so glad you recommended Latitudes for our wedding lunch. It was absolutely beautiful and the food was great. We will defintely recommend both of you to anyone that is searching for a beautiful, easy way to get married. It was so nice to meet both of you, you are truly professionals, yet alot of fun and easy going. We had a great, great time!!!! Feel free to use any or all of our pictures and video on your website. - Thanks again, Steve & Joanie

Hi Colleen,
We got our pictures on Friday. They were great! Tell Gary he did a fantastic job. I don't really like having my picture taken much, but it was really worth it to have all the great shots from Gary. These really will help us remember the wedding for years to come. Thanks again for everything you both did. - Lisa

The dinner was wonderful. Everybody really enjoyed it. And the cake was fantastic too! Thank you so much for everything. We are looking forward to getting the pictures and the marriage certificate in the mail!

Thank you so much Colleen! We had a great vacation and you guys were wonderful! I will recommend you to everyone I know in the future looking to get married in Key West. -

Hi Colleen,
Everything was great! Dinner was wonderful. Thank you for a perfect wedding….we look forward to the pictures! - Thanks again...John & Kelly

Dear Colleen and Gary,
Thank You so very much for everything! The Pictures are sooo beautiful and we are so excited about the rest of them! Everything was so nice and You guys really helped us a lot with everything!!!
You made our day even more amazing!!! Ana will send You some tips for Your vacation as soon we are back to NYC next week! Thanks again, all the best and we will totally recommend You guys to our friends and forward! - Ana & Antonio

We had a great vacation and the resturant was perfect! Thank you guys so much for a great experiance! We just got the pictures, they look great! Thanks again!!

THANK YOU! and what a wonderful ceremony! thank you so much!!! Just getting through telling everyone back home...been a whirlwind of a few days...
But THANK YOU so much for the planning and support and the gorgeous ceremony!
We had a wonderful time...and now our special "second home" is even more special to us...
THANK YOU both...
Jennifer and Walter and Michael

Hi Colleen!
Thank you so much for everything again. It turned out perfect. The Commodore was excellent, we were very impressed. Had a wonderful time in Key West, we were sad to leave!
We are looking forward to seeing the pictures!

I was so excited when I got them that I forgot to email you. Please tell Gary he did a great job and I'm very happy with the pictures. Once again, everything was just perfect. You, two, do a wonderful job! -
Donna & Steve

We had a great time in Key West! Just spent a lot of time relaxing in the sun and enjoying our time away together.
Dinner at the Commodore was awesome, really good food, great atmosphere! A couple a few tables away bought us champagne. The rest of the night we just walked around to some bars and took some pics. They sang a song about us at irish kevin's. The lady singing at The Bull made me take off my shirt and dance around the bar. Humiliating and funny at the same time but it was ok since the crowd tipped well and everyone was buying us drinks too!
Overall was a great time and wouldn't change a thing! Everyone was really excited for us when we got home and finally told our families. All the married people we talk to say "I wish we would have done that!"
We would like to say thank you to you and Gary for everything. The wedding on the beach, getting the flowers, the photography, making dinner reservations, everything was awesome! The two of you really bring it all together and we couldnt have asked for anything better.
Best wishes to you and Gary - Kyle & Dana

Hi Gary & Colleen,
Just wanted to drop you an email to let you know how happy we were with our wedding last Friday. You did a fantastic job and it was such a pleasure to meet you both. I can't wait to see the pictures. Take care. -Donna & Steve

I want to Thank You again for such a nice ceremony. I can see now why you are so successful with your business. You two work beautifully together and you both are so professional, but still personable enough to make your clients feel like they are very special people. Even with a last minute switch, it seemed like it was planned. Thank you so much. I was able to bring my flowers on the plane and they are still GORGEOUS!
Thanks again to both of you. ~ Jeanne

Hi Colleen,
Yes, the Commodore was perfect! So was Finnegan's Wake on St. Pat's Day. We had such a great time that we can't wait to visit again. Thanks so much to both of you for helping make this time everything we had hoped it would be, and more...Take care, Mark and Pam

Hi Colleen,
Dinner was absolutely wonderful!!! We had an awesome waiter who really knew how to provide excellent service (I can't remember his name right now). The food was fabulous too; we were both stuffed when we left. Thank you for the beautiful service. All the planning was worth it!! I cannot wait to see how the photos came out!! We were finally able to relax for the remainder of our stay. Even the rainstorm on Thursday didn't dampen our trip. It was very difficult to leave Key West and coming back to cold Virginia. We're already planning our anniversary vacation - or should I say I'm planning it. :) Thank you and Gary for all the help you provided, and for making our wedding an awesome and memorable experience. If I ever hear of anyone getting married in Key West, I will definitely give them your name. Sincerely - Jennifer

Hi Colleen,
We received our pictures yesterday, they turned out well considering the high winds we had, although they were nothing compared to the wind in the days that followed.Hoping we will be receiving our copy of our marriage licenses in the mail in the next week or two. Thanks again, you and Gary did a wonderful job making our day a special one. - Pam and Doug

Colleen and Gary,
We received the photo CD and are very happy with the pictures! Our families were excited to see the photos from our camera that we emailed the next day. We are very happy that we chose to have a Key West wedding. We loved that the ceremony was simple, personal, and reflected our relationship. Dinner at the Commodore was delicious and the view was perfect. After dinner we walked down Duval Street and people on the street yelled well wishes to us! Thank you for your help and advice with everything! Thank You! - Jill and Brian

Thank you Colleen, it was a lovely and beautiful wedding, we both loved it and got in the car saying "that was really fun", who gets to say that of their wedding and photo shoot! Thanks to you and your husband, much appreciated!! - Mike and Denise

Colleen & Gary,
Our wedding was wonderful, the beach, the vows, and the two of you there made it very special. If you have a photo of Amy choking up durning the vows we would love to have that. We took your advice and ate at Pisces, we both had the Hog Fish, great advice we have never even hearld of hog fish, the whole plate was fantastic. The wedding was more moving and beautiful then either one of us could have hoped for. Thank you, - Randy & Amy

Hi Colleen,
We had a wonderful dinner at Pisces..it was exactly the atmosphere we were looking for. The cake was awsome also. Thank you so much!! We loved Key West and are planning on returning every year for out anniversary. I can't wait to see the pics and will keep an eye out for the package.
It was a pleasure working with both of you.
Thanks so much again!! - Kelly

We had a great time in the Keys. Our pics arrived Saturday and we are really pleased. Gary did an outstanding job. Dinner was good. We appreciate the recommendation and help with reservations. Thanks - Laura

THANK YOU so much! Can't wait to see the pictures. We actually referred you and Gary to 2 other couples before we left Key West who were looking to get married. You guys were so amazing and great. We could not have asked for a better wedding....well, maybe if we had gotten to see the famous Sock Man you were telling us about! :) - Carrie

Colleen and Gary
We did receive the CD. The pictures were great.
We want to thank you for handling our wedding. It was gorgeous and everything was great. We could not have asked for a more romantic setting. You 2 are wonderful. We wish you both well and maybe we will run into you again sometime. Thank you again and God Bless you both
Teri and Dan

Hi Colleen,
We had a great time on our cruise. I would have to say the highlight was defiantly the wedding. You did a great job of putting things together. Donna and I just loved it and the weather was perfect. We can't wait to get the pictures. Thanks again and take care

Got the DVD & CD yesterday. Thank you guys so much for everything you were great & everything was great! Would definitely recommend you both!! We're very pleased with the pictures despite that wind... but Gary did great! The DVD was very nice. We were almost in tears watching it! Thanks again! - Jessica

Hi Colleen,
I just arrived in Albuquerque late last night and the photos and marriage licenses were there. The Photos are amazing! Thank you both so very much again for everything turning out so perfect! I couldn't have dreamed of a more perfect wedding and photos to capture it! - Suzanne and Adam

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