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Wedding Dress
What should you wear for your beach or boat wedding?...

Beach Wedding Dress
If you are planning a beach or boat wedding there are some things to consider when choosing your wedding attire. Of course, if you have always dreamed of a traditional full gown and tuxedo then there is no reason why you can't have your dream come true. However, you might consider some other more casual options.

CLIMATE: Even though temperature's in Key West rarely rise above 93 degrees, it often feels warmer because of our tropical sun and humidity. You may want to consider lightweight, natural fabrics for increased comfort especially if your wedding is in the summer months.

MOBILITY: For boat weddings, a short wedding dress or long dress without a train will make it easier to walk around. Even large boats have limited deck space. Also, for a beach wedding, be sure to wear something that won't be ruined when you take a romantic stroll in the surf as a newly married couple.

VEILS & HEADPIECES: Long veils are very lovely but can be a hinderance when there is even a slight breeze. You don't want a veil that will cover your face if the wind blows - especially during the ceremony. Consider tropical flowers such as small orchids. They make a perfect "headpiece" for an island wedding.

HAIRSTYLE: Again, what works back home in a church or banquet room, may not be suitable for an outdoor wedding. Consider the temperature and wind when making your decision about your wedding hairstyle.

FOOTWARE: Your footware should reflect your setting. If you plan a beach wedding, there are many styles of sandals available for both the bride and groom. How about matching "just married" flip-flops? Also, the barefoot bride, can dress up with "jewelry" shoes. More traditional shoes may work for your boat wedding but again, you should consider mobility. Even the largest boats will have some movement while sailing and you will want to be able to walk around easily. High heels are no problem if they are
easily removed. Then you can be barefoot for your wedding and have gorgeous shoes
to wear to dinner.

Of course, this is just one important rule you must follow:

Relax and enjoy your special day!